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Air Cooler

The overall design of air coolers include the following aspects:

1, according to the condensing and cooling water requirements of the process medium built device, the power situation, air cooled and water-cooled technology economy compared to determine the reasonableness of the use of air coolers;

2, according to the desired final cooling medium temperature, environmental conditions, determine the type of air cooler (referring to the dry air cooler, wet air cooler, wet joint air coolers, etc.);

3, preliminary estimates of heat transfer area required under this condition; select air cooler device structure model (refer to the choice of bundle size, fin tube type, configuration, fans, etc.);

4, depending on the operating conditions and physical properties of the process medium, following the model of the primary accounting: endometrium heat transfer coefficient and pressure drop, heat transfer coefficient and pressure pipe rumor drop, the overall heat transfer coefficient, the effective average temperature, and then calculate the required heat transfer area. If the selected area of less than or larger models, adjusting the model in front of double counting until the selected models to meet the design requirements. Then the fan accounting, if the choice is wet or dry air cooler air cooler union, the need to calculate the amount of water evaporation and water;

5, according to the characteristics of plant production, considering flat vertical surface air cooler layout and adjust the control program;

6, to consider the issue of noise, anti-coagulation antifreeze and other aspects.

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