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Finned Tube Air Cooler Selection

Currently, the world production of nearly 15 kinds of fin tube, while commonly used in air cooler fin tube only 7--8 species. For the various suitable operating conditions finned tube, the production plant are described in detail. In general, wound finned tubes suitable lower temperature; the higher the temperature of the mosaic finned tubes suitable; when the medium pipe corrosion, can be used with a dual-rolling sheet metal pipe corrosion resistant pipe; wet air cooling Used LL fin tubes. In the finned tube type of choice, designers and users should comply with all aspects of the selection process performance requirements with better finned tubes.

     High and low finned tube finned points, fin higher than the wing of the larger, the greater the total heat transfer area, equivalent to the air side of the membrane, the higher heat transfer coefficient of the light pipe. Therefore, in order to achieve better heat transfer effect, shall be determined in selected high wing or low wing heat transfer coefficient based on the film of fluid within the tube.

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