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Finned Tube Heat Exchanger Plate

Plate heat exchanger: The heat is transferred from the object to the procedure below ambient temperature, ambient media, collectively known as refrigeration. According refrigeration ifl. Degree level, can be divided into plain cold and hypothermia. They are becoming more widely used in various fields of national economy. To achieve the transfer of heat, and heat exchange equipment will undoubtedly play an important role. Refrigeration and cryogenic technology based on specific operating conditions, the vast majority of applications are using a recuperative heat exchanger, especially in the heat pipe heat exchanger components for refrigeration and cryogenic equipment in the most widely used, and most of history long.

This is because the pipe processing is simple, mature technology, readily available on the market that can operate reliably in a wide range of pressures and temperatures, even in conditions of instability, thermal stress and mechanical shock and vibration conditions can still work . In addition, the heat transfer tube elements easier to achieve enhanced heat transfer processing requirements, such as heat transfer tube, the outer sides plus fin, the fin shape and processing required to achieve enhanced heat transfer, make the whole plate heat exchanger high heat transfer efficiency, compact structure, small size, light weight, excellent dynamic resistance is small, the combination can be designed into a desired geometric characteristics and appearance of the outline size, with greater flexibility, and refrigeration and cryogenic equipment when other parts assembly, easy connection and so on. Because of the above advantages, the tube and fin-tube type heat exchanger plate in the refrigeration and cryogenic technology is widely adopted.

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