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Plate Heat Exchanger Tube Surface Of The Fin Structure And Characteristics

By dry-plate heat exchanger for the stringent requirements of the low heat transfer efficiency of the light pipe surface except in a small refrigerator with freezer and other occasions still using low-temperature technology has been rarely used. The more widely used is the finned tube surface. Although the finned tube type more, but according to the fin base pipe connections can be divided into pieces around the tube, pipe and rolling chip set piece tube categories.

The metal strip or wire spiral wound and fixed on the heat transfer tube, making good thermal contact, which constitutes around the chip tube heat exchanger components, shown in Figure 2-1. Figure 2-1a for the chiller evaporator heat exchanger components, often for direct cooling air used in the freezer, Figure 2- lb cryogenic device olive-type wire wound heat exchanger components. Yan made the chiller refrigeration unit, the refrigerant in the tube boiling action under the fan, the air between ACROSS finned tubes bundle is directly cooled, so that cold air in ju decreased. Such as sheet and the base pipe should have good thermal contact, usually achieve overall tinned or galvanized, with both its antiseptic effect. This type of wound-tube heat exchanger, simple structure, technology is more mature. In the flooded evaporator refrigeration device, in order to strengthen the boiling heat a large space, as much as possible to increase the number of cores Boiling, has several structural and simple way to process aroused interest. Wherein one of the outer surface of the light pipe is wound in a predetermined cross-sectional shape of the multi-strand nylon rope, and the other is coated on the outer surface of the light pipe 10.

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