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Recuperative Heat Exchanger Heat Transfer Analysis And Calculation

Commonly used in metallurgical industry waste heat recovery heat exchanger tube plate, sheet and tube heat exchangers, tube heat exchangers, heat exchanger jet, insert heat exchangers, heat pipe heat exchanger, etc., can be classified as recuperative heat exchanger.

In actual operation, even in the absence of the fluid medium leaking heat loss, heat loss can not be completely ignored, while the size of the outer surface area of the heat exchanger, the shape, position, surface temperature and other factors related to this heat loss.

Heat exchangers used in the partition wall is nothing more than flat, wall, wings (ribs) of the flat (pipe) wall. The heat transfer process is a thermal circuit in series by convection (sometimes radiation) a thermal conductivity of a convection (and sometimes radiation) and other aspects of the composition of the heat transfer. Make all aspects of the different partitions with different thermal resistance. In addition, the actual use of the heat exchanger, due to the presence of dirt should also consider the impact of fouling layer on the heat transfer process.

The wall surface and the nature of the dirt is more complex. Such as fuel furnace flue gases may contain coke carbon residue, and may even have affected the furnace flue gas erosion and was brought in to the refractory particles. After running for some time, they will accumulate on the surface of the heat exchanger fouling, very rare may also clog the heat exchanger channels.

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