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Set Piece Of Plate Heat Exchanger Tube

Punching holes according to certain rules of the entire fin (aluminum or copper) Set in theheat transfer tubes, and after the expander to make good contact, that the formation ofsleeve-tube heat transfer components. Plate heat exchanger according to the structural requirements to assemble, plus head and inlet and outlet nozzle to manufacture complete sets of plate heat exchanger tube sheet. Holes on the fin stamping die by specialpunching. Hole forming a single flange or double flange, so that the heat transfer between the fins and tubes to increase the contact area, can guarantee a certain fin spacing.Double flange also increase flanging just. Degree, while avoiding the expander gap.Typically, for a circular aperture, there are oval, which can be enhanced heat transfer, flow resistance is reduced, but the heat transfer tubes of elliptical process is more complex, inrefrigeration and cryogenic technology rarely used. Set piece tube plate heat exchangeron refrigeration and air conditioning engineering is widely used, such as air-cooledcondensers, direct evaporative air cooling. But, a fan coil and so on. Currently, the widely used. .15 ^ -0.30mm Thick aluminum foil on 09-4016 two suits, made of copper, shown in Figure 2-5.

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