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SRZ Radiator

SRZ type is both for steam and hot water system is suitable for use as an air heater heating the air, is mainly used for air heating hot air heating, air conditioning and drying apparatus, a hot air heating apparatus, is hot air apparatus main device, which in the current industrial and mining enterprises, heating and ventilation systems in the large building has been widely applied.

         Radiator heat medium for steam or hot water. Steam working pressure 0.31-1.6MPa, hot water temperature can be around 130-70 ℃.

         SRZ radiator is mainly composed of smooth air flow arrangement of three rows of finned tubes fork, whose finned tubes are used on φ21 × 2mm steel seamless pipe winding creases from 15 × 0.5mm, the spiral , films from there 5mm- small "D", 6mm- the "Z", 8mm- big "X" three kinds of co thirty-eight kinds of specifications.

         Features SRZ radiator is compact structure, beautiful appearance, easy to install, easy to manage, durable, it applies not only to focus blower heating, but also for local heating, or other purposes.

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