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The Plate Heat Exchanger Fin Tube Rolling

Plate heat exchanger: with copper as a material, at room temperature for rolling out the spiral external fins, or both in the inner tube, the outer sides of various cross-sectional shapes rolling finned heat transfer pipe called rolling wings piece tube, fin height due to roll out a small (1 ^ -2. omm), so often referred to as low-threaded pipe. With this heat transfer components assembled into the rolling-tube heat exchanger, because the process is simple, good heat transfer performance, no contact resistance, it is widely used in refrigeration and cryogenic technology. This low coefficient fin threaded pipe is small, usually only 3 to 4, it is most suitable for the inner and outer sides of the thermal resistance does not differ too high.

In refrigeration technology, threaded pipe commonly used in low freon refrigeration condenser unit, also used in the evaporator heat exchanger or steam tuck. With the increasing development of refrigeration and air-conditioning engineering, energy requirements have become increasingly prominent, so the plate heat exchanger heat transfer enhancement of research at home and abroad has been very active, Wells has developed a variety of new and efficient heat transfer tube, and achieved good economic benefits. Figure 2-7 is a Japanese inventor US patent application developed a highly efficient heat transfer tube C11: 0 It is based on a finned tube rolling again processed into jagged three fins, used in Freon refrigeration devices. This high: heat transfer coefficient lower than the average efficiency of the heat transfer tube threaded pipe 3 also increases. This is due to the three-dimensional serrated fins not only increasing the heat transfer area, and make timely freon condensate from jagged rift between excluded and will not accumulate in addition to the internal fins so close to the bead condensation. In addition to this new and efficient heat transfer tube, there are several other efficient heat transfer tubes have been successfully developed to simplify the process of divination from the process, for example, forming a knurled finned tubes.

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